Meeting the new Partners.


With the project for the visually impaired community of Rivne completed the Rotary Club of Rivne is now moving forward with a new global grant.  The new grant will address the diagnosis and treatment of people on the Autism Spectrum.   This is a serious issue in Ukraine as being handicapped is one of leading causes of death.


Four organizations in the community will partner in this project. Today we visited the partners at their facilities and then participated in a general meeting of the global grant team. The project has three key components: 

  1. New diagnostic tools for the diagnosis of Autism
  2. Training of staff in the use of the tools and treatments
  3. Construction of two sensory “dark” rooms for use by children with Autism.


The purchase of new diagnostic tools will allow earlier detection of autism.  Staff training will focus on the use of these tools and new treatment regimes. Additional training session will be held with parents and caregivers so that the treatment plans be implemented on a daily basis.


Our first stop of the morning was at the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre.  This centre works with children and youth with mental and physical challenge (up to 16 years of age).  This location will be a group training centre for the project and will have a room renovated into a  “dark” sensory room for treating children with autism.  This centre is a bright welcoming facility, with a variety of treatment approaches including, physical therapy, speech pathologist, art therapy, music therapy, massage, water therapy and more.  

Our second stop is the regional psychiatric hospital. This facility treats more serious cases of mental health treating both children and adults.  They have day and residential programs. This will be the key diagnostic centre for the global grant.  This facility is in need of funding to update the infrastructure.  Such renovations are well beyond the scope and scale of the project.

Our final stop is the Rivne Regional Children’s Hospital.  We have visited this location on previous trip to Rivne.  One of our clubs first projects with the Rotary Club of Rivne was the rehabilitation playground and equipment for this facility.  The hospital is undergoing renovations and we could see the improvement since our last visit.  This location will also receive diagnostic tools and staff training for the diagnosis and treatment of children with Autism.  One of the sensory “dark” rooms will be constructed at this location. At the end of our visit the key staff from each facility met with us and we talked about the co-ordination and implementation of the project.


The Rotary Club of Rivne have done a great job in connecting these partners and coordinating the start of the project.  The grant has been approved and will move forward once funds are transferred from Rotary International and our club to Rivne.  The project will result in better care and treatment of people with Autism in the Rivne Region.