Posted on Sep 12, 2019

Day 2 - Review the results of the project to assist visually impaired


Today we visited locations associated with the global grant projects that helped the visually impaired.  This grant is near completion and seeing the final parts of the project in place was inspiring.


NGO at the Regional Library

Our partners at the regional library were responsible for the education tools and materials for youth.  They have done a great job with 40 schools receiving the new learning aids and many teachers and parents being trained on how to integrate these tools into the regular learning environment.  They have already taken orders for more materials from 5 schools creating an income stream that will help them become more financially sustainable.

The recording studio has been completed and 10 books have been recorded and put on digital media.  The NGO and the library are updating their websites to make these resource available online.  Volunteers are lined up to read more books and enlarge the digital library.

Institute for the Blind

The programs and projects at the Institute for the Blind focussed on job creation and skill development.  The sewing workshop renovations are now complete and all the new equipment is up and running. Six women with visual impairments work producing uniforms and aprons for local businesses.  The new sewing machines allow for more workers and an expanded range fproducts.  The computerized embroidering machine enhances their product by allowing the addition of logos and company names to clothing items.

The toilet paper production equipment is fully installed and employs 4 men per shift.  This process converts large rolls of paper, into small rolls which are covered, cut and bagged for sale and distribution.  We were each gifted with our own bag of 8 rolls...wait until we have to claim that one at customs...”anything to declare?”

The Rotary Club of Rivne pull out all the stops and invited the media to Institute for our visit and the celebration of the completion of the project.  Four TV stations sent reporters and camera people to see the TP paper production and the sewing workshop.

We were thanked and entertained by the people at Institute with speeches and songs.


Concert and Dinner

Our day ended with our own personal concert at a local music hall...organ, piano and some beautiful operatic vocals.  We spent our evening with the Rivne Rotoractors at a restaurant serving Georgian foods.  The future of Rotary in this community is bright and enthusiastic with these thirty something young people leading the way.