Posted on Sep 10, 2019
Our journey began a with the 4 hour drive from Lviv to Rivne.  Roads were relatively quiet and the weather was wonderful allowing us to arrive ahead of schedule at 12:45 pm.  Our afternoon was an exploration of old projects and the start of new relationships.  
We were met at the Myr Hotel by members of the club, had lunch and then began our walking tour. 
First stop...the newly completed accessible playground in the Central Park of the city. It was officially opened just last weekend.  Funds from the Rotary Club of Alliston were used to purchase the equipment.  All the elements are wheelchair accessible.   It is already getting lots of use.
Second stop...the playground at the children rehab center.  This is a facility we helped fund and we were in attendance for the opening when we first visited Rivne in 2017.  Patricia Wright’s Toronto West club also helped fund this project.  She was thrilled to be able to see it and learn more about the facility.  We were pleased to see it is well used and well maintained.
Third stop...Pogliad Charity Fund headquarters. This group is a partner in the newly approved Global Grant addressing the diagnosis and treatment of people with Autism.  The staff at this facility will be key players in the education and training of parents and professionals who are living and treating people on the autism spectrum.  The facility was bright and filled with a positive energy.  The dedication of the staff and their enthusiasm was infectious.
We completed our day at the Maple Cafe enjoying a great meal and wonderful fellowship.
The site visits tomorrow will focus on the projects and programs associated with the global grant assist the visually impaired.