Beautiful Siberian Huskies, Awe-Inspiring Wilderness, Breathtaking Adventure.
 Tanya McCready, co-owner with husband Hank Debruin of Winterdance Dogsled Tours spoke to Rotary Club of Alliston on Zoom. 
21 years ago, Hank and Tanya quit their jobs and moved to Ontario's wilderness to build their dream of starting a business, a family and creating a lifestyle around their beloved Siberian Huskies.

Their business, Winterdance Dogsled Tours welcomes over 2000 guests from around the globe every winter. From day tours, to moonlit tours, to heli dogsledding, and recently, virtual dogsledding tours, they have stayed true to their dream and built Winterdance to what it is today.

Hank and their huskies have had many adventures from Maine to Alaska including competing in six 1000-mile races in Alaska and the Yukon. Out of the many lessons and countless stories from these races, a corporate presentation was born that focuses on building and leading great teams through challenging times.

Hank and Tanya also have a 2500 tree maple syrup farm and have co-written 2 books. Their latest book, Journey of 1000 Miles released just last Christmas has become an international best seller. This book is available for purchase on Amazon.

They share their lives with their 4 children, 150 huskies and 5 cats.

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