The stubs are in and money is counted and the membership exceeded our goal of selling 500 tickets!

The total tickets sold are 524 tickets total revenue of $10,480.00. Congratulations to our membership! Half of the revenue $5,240.00 is from selling the calendars/lottery tickets will be divided up among the 3 charities named at the beginning of the fundraiser, Alliston Out of the Cold, Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation and Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation.

The club’s membership is to decide collectively on the percentage to each beneficiary with a motion. The motion needs to be conducted by January 15 2021 so the Rotary Club of Barrie-Huronia can complete the overall accounting. A motion has been sent to the board and a notice of motion will be sent to the membership which will open the motion up for discussion at the club level and the inclusion of all members who want to contribute in the discussion to the final allocation of the funds raised to the three beneficiaries named at the start to the fundraiser.

Ad revenue is split, half of the ad revenue is returned to the club that places the ad on the calendars.

One ad value of $250.00 was purchased so additional revenue is $125.00 was added to our total.

Total revenue raised from calendars/ lottery tickets $5,375.00

Recognition and our sincere thanks to:

Rotary Club of Barrie- Huronia. – Sue Carr and committee for sharing the idea and spearheading it.

Canadian Tire Alliston – member Megan White for organizing the selling of calendars/tickets at cash registers.

Colleen Kotnisz  member for having calendars available at her office.

Christine Brayford for having calendars at Flato Homes Sales office in Beeton.

The beneficiaries for their promotion of the fund raiser on their social media platforms, and selling of the calendars /lottery tickets.

The membership of the Rotary Club of Alliston  - Thank you all!

As a result of the campaign but not part of it was the generous donation from Flato homes of $2,000.00 specifically $1000.00 each to the Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation and Stevenson Memorial Hospital Foundation. This donation was made directly to the club charity account and then cheques were distributed to each organization. This donation was not associated with the Rotary Club of Barrie-Huronia.

Flato Homes did not forget Alliston Out of the Cold, they had already given a corporate donation of $10.000 to the organization prior to our campaign starting.



Next Fundraising meeting is January 14th at 7:00a.m. via Zoom. Please let John know if you would like to attend and are not on the committee and he will send you an invitation to the meeting.  


Thank you for your help

John McFarland  Fundraising, Committee Chairperson

Alliston Rotary Club


“COVID protocol, physical distance yourself, wear a mask if you can’t,wear a mask everywhere in public,wash your hands several times a day.”