October 2021 -Parvin with students in  Bangladesh     
Rotary Club of Alliston  sponsors Parvin, a mother,  to teach 5 children in her community in Bangladesh.  The program by the Amarok Society teaches mothers and in turn the mothers teach their children and other children in their community. These children would not have the opportunity to attend school without this program.
 Here is the letter from our club's sponsored mother, Parvin.     
Dear members of the Rotary Club of Alliston,
Hope you all are fine with your family. I am also well here with my family and neighborhood children. All five children I teach are doing well in their study. We have got new Bengali & math books. There are different types of learning method, games and activities in the books. So many practical examples, good stories related to our life, livelihood, problematic math and such. We like the books. More importantly some of the stories of the books are written by mothers of Amarok School and pictures drawn by the children of micro-school and our grads. Sometimes I take books to teach in my Micro School. I love them teaching, there are some topics difficult for me but I take help from my Amarok Teacher and sometimes send my students to her. In recent time I have developed some new games for them to make the lesson joyful. It is so fun and enjoyable session when I use new games in my Micro School. So that they are inspired to attend timely and learn very fast.
Our teacher always starts a new lesson with an ‘introduction’. Last week our teacher discussed about six seasons of our country. At the start she asked about the present conditions of last few weeks and asked what could be in a few weeks. We have six seasons in our country but we wanted to know the names of the seasons in English. Our teacher divided us into 6 groups and told each team to talk about the season to do a short role-play to express the season the group belonged without mentioning the name. It takes 3 days to complete the lesson. I belonged to a member of the Spring Team. We acted on that season and other enjoyed it and understood the characteristics of the season nicely. In such way, we all talked and acted on six seasons. This is an interesting method of learning and our teacher follows the role. Most importantly we learn teaching methods from our school and deliver when we teach children in our micro-schools.    
A new mother admitted in our school named Rohima who is 38 years old. She is a housemaid and her husband is a day labor. She has 3 daughters and 1 son. 2 daughters got married and live in another place and one of daughter lives with her aunt in village. One day she was going to her work place, she met a mother Kohinur who was coming to Amarok School with notebooks. After hearing about our school Rohima wanted to learn. The next day she admitted and learning besides her work. Now she is doing very well and very enthusiastic. When we do group work, she sits with me and she needs support in English. We are supporting her that she can improve her level and come to close to our level.
Now I’m going to share a story of one of my neighborhood children. The name of child is Nahid who is 7 years old. He studies in Micro School of Jhuma. He has a little sister, 4 years old. When Nahid was 3 years old, his mother left them and got married again and left them. After that his father also got married a woman. There are 5 members in his family including a grandmother. Although his grandma is 70 years old, she looks very strong now and she has to do the all-household work because Nahid’s step-mother is a housemaid so she is busy for the whole day. One day Nahid was walking in the backstreet of Nurerchala then suddenly he saw some 10 to 15 years old boys were doing something bad together in that alley. He tried to understand that what happen there but could not understand properly. After a while the boys left the place and he went there to see, he saw that a currency of 100 taka (1.5 $) had fallen on the ground. He picked it up and he fell into greediness. Nahid shared the incidents with her mother, then her mother with her friends in school and they discovered about the little boys smoked cigarettes and did some other bad things. Amarok mothers in a group identified the parents of the children, informed them and the bad practice has stopped finally.
The COVID situation is improving in our country. More people are getting COVID 19 vaccines. Already I received the first dose and I will go to the hospital for my second dose in the next week. I am always careful about health of my family members and my neighbors and go out with safety measures. Our Prime Minister has declared that by March 2022, 80% 18+ people will be under the vaccination. Till now below 18 years children are not entitled for the vaccines.
You know I have a small vegetable garden but there are no good vegetables now because of lot of rain. The vegetables are spoiled due to the waterlogging of the rain water. But the rain has almost gone and I’ll put new seeds in a couple of weeks to get winter vegetables. I hope this year more vegetables will grow as I have experience and use my learning from the past.
Let’s hope for my children that they can be educated and live a better life than me.     
Yours lovingly,