Mar 08, 2021
Pam, Transition and Housing Worker
My Sister's Place


Transition and Housing Worker

My Sister’s Place

I’m a member of a team of amazing women that fill the many roles at My Sister’s Place, shelter for abused women and their children.  My role as the housing worker involves assisting and supporting women to find, secure and maintain housing.  This includes women from the shelter, second stage program and the community.

Since starting as a frontline counsellor at the newly opened My Sister’s Place in 1987 I have witnessed many changes!! Changes in the criminal justice system, in the services we deliver to the families accessing our support, and community resources to name but a few.  Now as we find ourselves in a global pandemic we have had to make many changes and will continue to do so. 

Life and working in a shelter over the years has taught me change is inevitable and although at times causes uncertainty it also provides opportunity for new learning experiences and opportunity to support, educate and empower and why I continue to do this work.