There were several active chat rooms before the start of the meeting this past Monday.  President Martin called the meeting to order with 74 participants.  Bill Nance then gave the invocation which focused on giving thanks for what we can and when we can even after Thanksgiving.  He then led us in the Four Way Test and the Pledge of Allegiance. Part of the news of the day included that President Elect Biden was in a boot after suffering a hairline fracture in his foot.  Kim Bramlage noted no guests or visitors for the meeting. She reminded us of the District Conference Committee meeting and we learned of a virtual Wine Down Wednesday scheduled for December 2.  We are celebrating the birthdays of Ashley Webb (member since 2011), Kathleen Carlson (a past president of Rotary), John Lyman (member since 2009), and Terry Rogers (member since 2017). Day 10s included a Day 100 from Darlene Langhout in honor of her moving and getting engaged, a Day 100 from Heather Martin in honor of her son being accepted to WSU, her on-line writing seminar, and her new business Breathing Room.  Paul Gruner and Nick Warrington offered a Day 10 s.  Alan Moscowitz offered a Day 100 for his retirement, Suren Singhvi a Day 100 to the Foundation and Day 50 for the holiday sweepstakes. 
Brian Martin then reminded us that the elections are to be held Monday December 7 and that we need a quorum to vote.  He also mentioned the holiday sweepstakes would be on December 14, and that the club will resume the queen of hearts raffle where there is currently $3800 in the pot!  Brian then introduced the chair of the day, Luke Dennis from public radio station WYSO.  Luke explained that the mission of WYSO is to be service minded.  He outlined three eras over time that the country has faced seemingly insurmountable odds and challenges.  The first he labeled the Progressive Era, a time in our country’s history that saw grave injustices in the labor force. However, it was during that time that Rotary was founded by Paul Harris and gave birth to the notion that we need to be more service minded.                                                                                              
The second era that Luke discussed was the year 1967 and the passing of the Public Broadcasting Act.  As in the Progressive Era, the 60’s was a time of inequality and political polarization.  The Act, at its core, was in recognition to a mission of service.  LBJ stated that the Act was necessary to enrich man’s spirit and the nation wants more than just wealth.  Public radio and TV came into existence during this time and saw the start of children’s programming. 
The third period includes where we are today, a time of great polarization.  WYSO is continuing its mission though the Eichelberger Center for Community Voices.  Luke made introductions of Neenah Ellis and Heather Martin.  Neenah is the Executive Director and Heather Martin is its grant writer instrumental to fundraising for WYSO.  Neenah came to WYSO in 2009, is also a producer at WYSO and has been awarded 3 Peabody Awards in her career. Heather graduated from the Northwestern school of journalism, has been involved with WYSO in a volunteer capacity for years before stepping into this role, and recently started her own organization company, Breathing Room.
Neenah then spoke about the history of WYSO starting in 2009 when it came back from the brink.  In 2011, WYSO, through the Eichelberger Center started to teach radio production to the community.  It was a way to engage the community and to address the various issues facing those communities.  The program educates about 12-15 people each year in its classes.  In 2019, the Center became independent and its mission was to increase the services it could offer to the greater Dayton region.  In July of 2020, the Center was officially launched and now has 4 employees.  The new entity within WYSO is knows as ComVox.  Neenah showed a series of slides to the Club and explained its many ongoing and upcoming projects. These include Dayton Youth Radio, The Bind That Ties, and West Dayton Stories.  Other upcoming projects for ComVox include programs for veterans and stories from women in prison.  She thanked individuals and businesses for donations to WYSO.
We then heard from Heather Martin about her many year history with WYSO. She explained that her goals for 2021 include continuing to increase financial support for ComVox and WYSO.  She thanked the Club for its past donations and mentioned that other local donors include DP&L, the Dayton Foundation, the Yellow Springs Foundation and the Kettering Foundation.  National contributors include Facebook and Google.  Those grants were for COVID reporting.