Teacher Housing
Jul 24, 2019 7:30 AM
Sarah Chaffin
Teacher Housing

Sarah has over 15 years of experience in real estate finance including land use, Below Market Programs, and commercial and residential real estate. Sarah founded SupportTeacherHousing.org and is an expert on nonprofit housing using alternative financial and construction models specifically focused on Teachers and the Missing Middle.

Pilot Program

Proposal: Build 4 units of below-market-rate housing for local teachers and school employees on Town-donated land.

Problem: Teachers represent the “Missing Middle”, those community helpers who make too much money to qualify for conventional affordable housing but not enough to afford to live where they work.

Solution: Provide affordable workforce housing on public or private land available in a location that is desirable and walkable to school employees. 20 Dittos Lane in downtown Los Gatos is such a piece of land. Using the Town-owned site, teacher housing in Los Gatos will be made available to local teachers who live and work in Los Gatos. The community as a whole has been overwhelmingly supportive.

Benefits: The Teacher Housing Pilot Project will serve as a new model for workforce housing combining vacant and underutilized land with nontraditional financing.