Welcome to the Rotary eClub of the Southwest USA

It is our privilege to have you join us today as we offer the hospitality of our online Rotary Club with an international membership on 5 continents.  Our home Rotary District is 5495 in Arizona, USA.  Aside from providing an online community for our members, we provide make-up opportunities for Rotarians around the world.

Website Updates

The key items are:

  • A dedicated webpage for each meeting.
  • Meeting attendance registration has been moved to the end of the meeting.
  • A redesigned eClub meeting room where you will be able to attend prior meetings or programs.
  • The creation of multiple paths to get to the current week’s meeting and the meeting room.

Aside from expanding the amount of content, we will be working on streamlining your online experience.  At the top of this list is attendance recording and verification and expanding comments to all our guests.