Posted by John Chan on May 27, 2021
The Rotary Club of Vancouver Yaletown awards our annual Fairleigh Dickinson University, Vancouver campus scholarship to Peetra Cartwright. Peetra is currently a secretary of the Rotaract Club of Vancouver Yaletown and student in FDU Master program. She is from the Bahamas and has an extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. She hopes to set up her own business in Human Relations after graduation. Congratulations!


Peetra Cartwright, from Nassau, Bahamas, is an undergraduate student currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies with a concentration in Business and a minor in Digital Marketing. Peetra joined FDU in May 2019 and has been actively involved in on campus activities and community service. As a Global Scholar, she participated in the 2019 FDU Peace Day by reciting an original poem entitled “We Need Peace”. She also works as a Tutor at The Writing Center to assist students with English Writing. Her active participation, dedication, determination, and commitment to FDU and community earned her the position of Secretary of the Rotaract Club of Vancouver Yaletown in September 2020. As a member of the executive team, she works closely with the President and keeps the club organized. In addition, she was selected to participate in the Rotary Big West Conference which was held on July 12-19, 2020. Also, she consistently volunteers at Rotary Club initiatives such as Music Bingo Night and Games Night and recently participated in the Solely Sunshine project that focuses on writing letters to people with OCD and other mental health conditions all over the world. Peetra is currently completing her last semester as a sophomore and works part-time as an Office & Community Coordinator at StartUp Arena, a company that invests in technology startups in Canada and as a Vaccine Clinic Support at a COVID-19 immunization clinic. She would like to increase membership and engagement in the Rotaract Club at FDU.