Lejla Uzicanin

Club President 2017-2018

With excitement and determination I’m happy to lead the Rotary Club of Vancouver Yaletown in the 2017-2018 year in which Rotary International challenged us to make a difference.
Being part of the Rotary means being a part of an organization of people brought together by a desire to make a positive impact to their communities and the world. I am happy to lead our Club at the time when, in addition to ongoing effort through our legacy projects, we are embarking upon new international and local projects that will improve lives of so many people.
The effort to make a difference does not stop there. As Rotarians, we have the flexibility to choose how we meet and work. My goal for this year also includes making a difference to our Club, so that it grows bigger and stronger in pursuit of “service above self”, implementing  more social and networking opportunities while having a lot of fun!
Lejla Uzicanin
President 2017-2018