Interactors hear facts, history of Polio, Rotary efforts to End Polio Now


Students of our Hillcrest Interact Club participated in World Polio Day listening to a program and presentation by our own Park Cities Rotary and District First Lady, Kathy Schatz.  The kids learned the history of Polio-- most meaningfully, its impact right here in Dallas-- and its devastating effects on the lives of young Americans in the early part of the 20th century, and how the plague continues to this day in the poorest of the world's countries.  The kids also heard of the heroic and persistent efforts of Rotary to eradicate this dreaded disease, and how the campaign of awareness, fundraising and action of End Polio Now is working throughout the world to bridge the gap.  The kids took up the challenge, asking what they could do, and committing the club to donate $1,000 by May 1 2015.  Stay tuned.