Pictured are Keyhan Rezvan and Simon Castro, our Hillcrest High School Interact students who made the Spring Break trip to Nicaragua on a District 5810 mission trip.  Keyhan and Simon related to the Club how they carried 5 gallon water containers about one kilometer from the well to the homes of the locals they were helping.  To find that there was no running water in these homes was an eye opening experience for these Sophomores at HHS.  They helped paint buildings, do maintenance work and also had time to play with local kids.  One memory - one simple ball created hours of play time for the local kids.  Even when the ball was deflated, they kept on playing with it.  Keyhan and Simon told the group that they very much appreciate what they have at home, were very glad to have had the opportunity to go on this trip and that they highly recommend future HHS Interact students going.  Half of the funding for the trip was provided by RCPC Foundation and half was raised by the Interact Club.