Madison just completed its annual Dictionary Project, distributing dictionaries to all 3rd Graders in Madison Schools.  A total of 232 students in twelve 3rd grade classes received their personalized copy of the Dictionary/Gazetteer distributed by Madison Rotarians.  Click Read More for additional details.
Many questions were asked by the enthusiastic children, including “have your read the whole dictionary? Are there any famous Rotarian football players?” Mayor Bob Conley, also a Rotarian was asked about the New Jersey page. Questions such as:  Does New Jersey have a state song?  Why Not? It would not be surprising if someday soon a state song proposal will be forthcoming from the 3rd Graders of the Kings Road School.
Judy DeGennaro, Chair of the Dictionary Project, said “This project was an absolute delight to all who participated. It gives such great hope for the future to interact with our wonderful children and to see what a great job our teachers are doing!”
The next Rotary school project will be sometime in the Spring when the Madison Rotarians will read the Rotary children’s book, “Andy and Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure” to the second graders.   
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