Nearly 50,000 people for around the world came to participate in the Rotary International Convention held in Atlanta June 14 - 17, 2017.  Couples attending from our club included the Moellers, Allisons, Freaneys, Rabacas, individuals included Joe Smith,  Barry Kroll and Jeannie Tsukamoto and her son Andrew.  There were numerous other participants from our district.  There were amazing speakers including Bill Gates, of Microsoft fame, James Quincy, President and CEO of Coca Cola, Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia, Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta, Andrew Young, former Mayor of Atlanta and civil rights activists.  There were numerous other speakers and workshops furthering the purpose and goals of Rotary.  The big news announced at the conference is that Rotary has secured 1.2 billion in contributions over the next 3 years for foundations, governments and individuals for the eradication of Polio.  It is estimated that this project will be completed in 3 years.  A special highlight is the the Bill and Melinda gates foundation pledged a matching grant of 2 to 1 for all money raised by Rotary over the next 3 years capped at 450 million.  Let's all plan on supporting Polio eradication.