Speaker Date Topic
Breakfast and Lunch- Chris Boyle Mar 02, 2017
Morris Habitat ReStore
Lunch- Eric Hafen Mar 09, 2017
Bickford Theatre
Breakfast- Katheryn Luther Mar 16, 2017
Housing Partnership


arranged by Jeannie

Lunch- Catherine Kerris Mar 16, 2017

My topic is EPOCH, the after-school recreational program for special needs children which has existed in Madison since the early 70's.  It is a small but meaningful program with little publicity and so we look for opportunities to share information about it in the community. The presentation would include a brief review of its history and structure as well as a description of the kind of children it serves and the activities offered.

 I was employed by the Madison Board of Education as the School Social Worker in 1973 soon after EPOCH began as a pilot program. As a volunteer I joined the board and became Vice President, a role which continues at present. For about the past  18 years, I have also served a Acting President, as that position has been vacant. I retired from employment in 2002 and moved to the Jersey shore, but I cannot "retire" from EPOCH as it has a place in my heart!
Lunch -Lynn Vergano Mar 23, 2017
Asian Art

arranged by Rose

No regular meetings Apr 20, 2017
Evening Social 6-8PM