Speaker Date Topic
Breakfast - John Launchi Jul 26, 2018
Classification Talk
Lunch - TBD Jul 26, 2018
Breakfast & lunch meetings cancelled Aug 02, 2018
Evening Aug 02, 2018
Madison Rotary Host Japanese Student Dinner
Breakfast - Kalyani Bhatt Aug 09, 2018
Post Independence Architecture in India
Breakfast and Lunch - Laura Ekstrand Aug 16, 2018
Dreamcatchers Theatre

Laura is the Director of Dreamcatchers in Summit. 


Dreamcatcher will be a model of a true ensemble theatre of artists committed to working together on a permanent basis. Dreamcatcher will be a place that nurtures artists’ individual growth and collective creativity. The company will invite the audience to get close to the creative process to engender a deeper understanding of how art and life enrich each other, and how the audience’s involvement and support is a crucial part of the artistic relationship.



Breakfast - District Governor John Wilson Aug 23, 2018
District Governor's visit
Lunch - District Governor John Wilson Aug 23, 2018
District Governor's visit
Breakfast - Sara Sorenson Aug 30, 2018
Turning Passion in Purpose: Building a New Museum in Northern NJ
Breakfast - Visiting Nurse Association Sep 06, 2018
Caregiver support
Breakfast & Lunch - Cydney Halpin Sep 13, 2018
New Jersey Jazz Society

New Jersey Jazz Society (NJJS) is an organization of business and professional people, musicians, teachers, students and listeners working together for the purpose of advancing jazz music.  Founded in 1972, the Society is managed by a board of directors who meet monthly to develop strategic plans for the organization.  To that end, NJJS:

  • Produces live jazz programs and partners with others organizations to support live jazz.  
  • Conducts “Generations of Jazz” in local schools.  “Generations of Jazz” is a musical history lesson performed by professional jazz instrumentalists and vocalists, demonstrating the origins and evolution of jazz
  • Provides scholarships to deserving jazz studies students of NJ colleges and universities.
  • Recognizes and rewards New Jersey jazz legends and those people that provide extraordinary support to jazz.
  • NJJS publishes a monthly magazine, Jersey Jazz, which contains feature articles, photos, music calendars, concert and CD reviews, NJJS information and is free with membership.
Evening Meeting, Charlie Brown's Chatham Sep 20, 2018 6:00 PM
Diane Salvatore, Editor-in-Chief, Consumer Reports
Breakfast - Ronald Hendrickson Sep 27, 2018
Cancer Research MSK
Breakfast & Lunch Nov 01, 2018
Club Assembly
Breakfast & Lunch - Hermann Fickenscher Nov 08, 2018
World War I Remembrance
Meetings cancelled Nov 22, 2018
Breakfast meeting cancelled Dec 13, 2018
Lunch - Rotary Club Raffle Dec 13, 2018