Branchville Rotary had a great year at the Fair and raised considerable funds for local charities.
2017 Fair total income beat last years and the 10 days went without a hitch thanks to all the extraordinary volunteers at THE Rotary Roast Beef Booth. Famous for its quality roast beef and turkey, fresh rolls from Holland American Bakery and fresh brewed iced tea, the Fair booth revenue far exceeded last year's income! This means more money for all the charities Branchville Rotary supports. All Rotarians committed to working four 6 hour shifts throughout the Fair and several members worked more than that. Let's not forget the planning and expertise that goes in to keeping the building and grounds, coolers, air conditioners, plumbing and electricity going in the booth. Thanks to George Harper, Mike Dolan and crew for keeping us humming. Perhaps the greatest challenge was the volunteer staffing for ten 12 hour days and Lynn Snyder and Bonnie Majka and committee handled that with care and precision so that there were no gaps in the schedule. The service at the booth is impeccable. Last but not least is the food committee headed up by Braden Hirsch. From latex gloves to shredded lettuce, Braden and committee made sure all necessary items were fresh and plentiful. 
All of the above leads to the bottom line, the numbers that make a difference in our community. Rotarian Eileen Diehl from Lakeland Bank was dedicated. Every morning she set up the booth to roll for the day and managed all the cash coming in on a daily basis. This work on top of the fact that her Lakeland branch manages ALL the Fair monies so to say she was busy is an understatement. Thanks to ALL volunteers from Branchville Rotary for allowing us to work hard, make money and support important causes in the Branchville area!