The Branchville Club now has a new category of membership:
Branchville Friend of Rotary Information
Friend of Rotary is an excellent way for individuals like you who would qualify for Rotary membership but simply do not have the sufficient time to attend Rotary meetings, or who cannot meet the financial requirements of being a Rotarian.
Friend of Rotary is a program that invites individuals like you to team with Rotary in helping provide programs and services to our communities both locally and internationally.  Becoming a “Friend of Rotary” allows those who share our ideals and objectives to participate in Rotary activities without the responsibility (or all of the benefits) of full membership, but it does allow contribution to the community and to our events, as you are available. 
Being a Friend of Rotary allows you to help in local fund raising by participating in club events and by making annual donations.  Some club events are not specifically for fund raising but for socializing.  Rotarians call this fellowship, an opportunity to enjoy activities and each other's company, catch up with old friends and make or develop new ones.
Friend of Rotary also extends to corporate entities that would allow the corporate entity to elect 3 employees from the organization who can attend meetings, service projects or fund raising events thereby allowing the corporation to be active in Rotary and the community.
Benefits of Friend of Rotary Membership
  • Supporting Rotary service projects helps the community where you live or where your company does business.
  • Aids community agencies, individuals in need, educational scholarships, and international projects and programs.
  • A way for those who cannot make weekly Rotary meetings to feel involved in the effort to provide for the community. 
  • Can lead to full time Rotary Membership and a greater understanding of the purpose of Rotary.
Requirements of Friend of Rotary
  • Attend a minimum 6 meetings, service projects or fund raising events a year. 
  • Offer referrals to the club for potential “Friend of Rotary” or full-fledged Rotarians.
  • Offer new ideas to the club for things we could improve upon or do better.
  • Submit annual dues (this is not a tax deductible donation)
  • Friends of the Branchville Rotary Club applicants will need board approval.
Cost for Individual: $75.00
Corporate Friend of Rotary: $150.00