Some of you may not know, or just haven't noticed it yet, but the Bell Tower is up and looks great! I know it seems silly to mention it this long after it was raised, but I want to give credit to TEP and Page STeel for the donations, even though they will probably not see this newsletter. Without their work, contributions and manpower, the tower would never have become a reality.
In addition, Steve should get a lot of credit for the original plan and drive to get it done. He brought this idea to the club back when he was President, 4 years ago. It was a great group effort, but we did it, and this just goes to show what our little club can do. 
So you all understand the funds, our club put in $1,000 from our account, which we matched to a District Grant for another $1,000. That money paid for the enormous concrete and rebar base that we contracted and paid to have poured. TEP donated the labor and Page Steel donated all the materials for the tower itself. FInally TEP, had their people transport it and raise the tower with their own crane. (Which was really cool to see!)
So thanks to everyone who was involved!