Rotator Writer & Photographer Schedule 2018-2019

Schedule for ROTATOR Writers and Photographers
2018-2019 Rotary Year

If you cannot make a meeting, please trade with someone
and send a note to Allan Varni and Steve Pomeroy by clicking HERE!
Names in RED are one-time changes from the original schedule.


Date Photographer Writer Date Photographer Writer
Jul 5 Happy Fourth - DARK Happy Fourth - DARK Jan 10 Chuck Lindauer Scott Hunter
Jul 12 Chuck Lindauer Mark Rogge Jan 17 John Hammerschmidt Robyn Schuck
Jul 19 Steve Pomeroy Patricia Rohrs Jan 24 Jerry Tomanek Mark Rogge
Jul 26 Jerry Tomanek Marlene Cowan Jan 31 John Hammerschmidt Robyn Schuck
Aug 2 John Hammerschmidt Robyn Schuck Feb 7 Jerry Tomanek Marlene Cowan
Aug 9 Chuck Lindauer Scott Hunter Feb 14 Chuck Lindauer Scott Hunter
Aug 16 John Hammerschmidt Mark Rogge Feb 21 Steve Pomeroy Patricia Rohrs
Aug 23 Jerry Tomanek Patricia Rohrs Feb 28 John Hammerschmidt Mark Rogge
Aug 30 Steve Pomeroy Marlene Cowan Mar 7 Chuck Lindauer Patricia Rohrs
Sep 6 Steve Pomeroy Scott Hunter Mar 14 Steve Pomeroy Marlene Cowan
Sep 13 Chuck Lindauer Robyn Schuck Mar 21 Jerry Tomanek Scott Hunter
Sep 20 Jerry Tomanek Mark Rogge Mar 28 John Hammerschmidt Robyn Schuck
Sep 27 John Hammerschmidt Patricia Rohrs Apr 4 Chuck Lindauer Mark Rogge
Oct 4 Chuck Lindauer Marlene Cowan Apr 11 Steve Pomeroy Patricia Rohrs
Oct 11 Steve Pomeroy Scott Hunter Apr 18 Steve Pomeroy Marlene Cowan
Oct 18 Jerry Tomanek Tiger Rohrs Apr 25 John Hammerschmidt Robyn Schuck
Oct 25 John Hammerschmidt Mark Rogge May 2 Chuck Lindauer Scott Hunter
Nov 1 Chuck Lindauer Robyn Schuck May 9 Jerry Tomanek Mark Rogge
Nov 8 Steve Pomeroy Marlene Cowan May 16 Jerry Tomanek Patricia Rohrs
Nov 15 Jerry Tomanek Mark Rogge May 23 John Hammerschmidt Tiger Rohrs
Nov 22 Thanksgiving DARK Thanksgiving DARK May 30 Chuck Lindauer Marlene Cowan
Nov 29 John Hammerschmidt Robyn Schuck Jun 6 Steve Pomeroy Robyn Schuck
Dec 6 Steve Pomeroy Scott Hunter Jun 13 Jerry Tomanek Mark Rogge
Dec 13 Jerry Tomanek Patricia Rohrs Jun 20 John Hammerschmidt Marlene Cowan
Dec 20 Steve Pomeroy Marlene Cowan Jun 27 Chuck Lindauer Scott Hunter
Dec 27 Happy Holidays DARK Happy Holidays DARK Jul 4 Happy Fourth DARK Happy Fourth DARK
Jan 3 Happy Holidays DARK Happy Holidays DARK Jul 11 Steve Pomeroy Scott Hunter


08-06-18 - Swap Hunter/Schuck on Aug 2/Aug 9.
08-14-18 - Swap Pomeroy/Hamerschmidt on Aug 16/Aug 30
09-03-18 - Swap Lindauer/Pomeroy fir Sept 6/Sept 13
11-24-18 - Fixed DARK dates from Dec 20/27 to Dec 27/Jan3
02-08-19 - Swap Pomeroy/Lindauer for Feb 14/21.
02-17-19 - Swap Rohrs/Schuck for Jan 31/Feb 21
04-17-19 - Swap Rohrs/Cowan for May 23/June 20
04-27-19 - Pomeroy photographs for Tomanek on April 18
04-27-19 - Schuck/Hunter swap on April 25/May 2
04-29-19 - Tomanaek photographs for Pomeroy
06-04-19 - Cowan wrote for Hunter on 5/30, Hunter for Cowan on Jun 27