In 2021, Los Altos Bears will be in the vanguard as we emerge from our pandemic hibernation. Just what we need is a celebratory, community-wide public art event and fundraiser featuring a sleuth of bears.
You are invited to sponsor a magnificent Bear to be custom painted by an artist and placed on public display during Summer 2021 in a Los Altos location of your choice. In October, the whimsically decorated bears will be auctioned at a Rotary sponsored gala. Proceeds will benefit many charities.
Your sponsorship will help populate Los Altos with imaginative Bears that will lift the community’s spirits, help revitalize businesses and support artists whose art enriches our lives. Enjoy encountering harmless and charming bears around town!
For further information, visit, download the brochure, or contact Carol Dabb at or 650-941-1907.