LAREF Community Grant Guidelines
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  1. Applicant will complete the latest approved Los Altos Rotary Endowment Fund (LAREF) application and provide the organization's current annual budget. 
  2. Grants are awarded to charitable, educational and other nonprofit organizations that are tax-exempt.
  3. Geographic area being served by the program is within Santa Clara or San Mateo Counties.
  4. No grant will directly benefit individual member(s) of the organization receiving the funds.
  5. The grant should start or complete a specific project or activity with a defined goal.
  6. Matching funds or grants are available to accomplish the purposes for which this grant is being requested.
  7. The recipient will provide a brief grant report to LAREF after the funds have been used for the purposes set forth in the Grant Application and the grant approval letter.
  8. Beneficiary will not use the funds to advocate any sectarian or political viewpoint.
  9. LAREF has two grant cycles, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.  Applications are due Spring - April 1st, and Fall - Oct 1st. 
  10. See the application for details on how to apply.