Posted by Jodi Erickson on Sep 15, 2020

Join us online for our Virtual Inspiration Lounge! This week's speaker is Kim Crockett, Esq., and she will discuss the litigation around the 2020 Election rules in Minnesota; both suits from outside partisan groups like the "Democracy Docket" that have already changed our election laws at the last minute, and an important suit by MVA attempting to enforce our ballot board election laws enacted following the recount debacle of Franken v. Coleman in 2008.

The MVA ballot board case is as yet unresolved; it concerns who will accept and reject absentee ballots. WIll it be citizen judges from the major parties as the legislature intended, or will it be public sector employees? We can expect nearly 3 million Minnesotans to vote during Minnesota's long early voting period (starts September 18), on Election Day itself and then for the 7 days following the election through November 10. 

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