Posted by Eric Germain on Apr 26, 2019
The Rotary Interact Club of J. Percy Page School Environmental Project to rejuvenate the school planter boxes was in April , 2019.

The project involved over 30 Rotary Interact Club Members and 2 Teachers. It was great to see everyone working hard on a blue sky Alberta spring day.
They worked to clean up and refresh the planters they worked on last year, and to rejuvenate some other large planter boxes on the South and North sides of the school. They brought in, and distributed 3 truck loads of mulch for the planter beds to help maintain moisture and improve the planter soil conditions. They cleaned up, and plan to plant additional  perineal trees, shrubs, plants and grasses, and some annual flowers.

The planters are  a key feature to the entrances of the school, and will provide a nice backdrop to the upcoming graduation celebrations. The planter boxes also add a good home and feeding area for the bees and birds in the area.
The Rotary Interact Club appreciates the support of the Alberta Emerald Foundation and the Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona to make this environmental improvement project possible.

Good work on a job well done!