This is taken directly from the pending New Hope School press release. The $33,900 USD budget on the project will translate into R424,150.00 (South African Rand)


With the approved grant we will be able to continue and expand our Skills Training Program for learners with disabilities in such a way that it would be sustainable and ensure an income for students after school.  They can also be placed in the open market with trained skills to become a successful adult in society.

Training centrums that will be improved:

  • Computer Skills Training centre including entrepreneurial skills and programs suitable will be installed.

  • Welding and woodwork: Machinery and equipment will be upgraded and material will be provided. Quality products can be made to sell and orders can be placed by outside companies. Equip any learner in the school to participate in these programs. Workshop can be equipped according to the health and safety act.

  • Basic maintenance under supervision will be included in skills training.

  • Food production and hospitality will be trained according to the Differentiated Caps with the correct equipment and stock.

  • Sewing, beauty and nail technology: Training will be more professional in terms of the curriculum with suitable equipment, stock and materials provided.

  • School to work program will be able to expand to give more students the opportunity to work in the open labour market to prepare them for job opportunities after school.

  • Accommodation in hostel for students