Once a prospective member demonstrates an interest in membership:

• Complete Part A of the New Member Proposal Form (downloadable at link in 'Files' left column), and return the form to your club secretary for submission to the club’s board of directors.
Remember: Do not inform the prospective member of the proposal until after the board approves it.

• Wait for the club secretary to notify you of the board’s decision, which should come within 30 days of the submission.
Note: If the club board does not approve the candidate, please talk to your club secretary or board for next steps.

After your club board approves the candidate:

• Arrange an information session for the proposed
member, or have the club arrange one.

• Ask the proposed member to complete and sign Part B of the proposal form. Return the form to the club secretary.

• Publish the proposed member’s name and classification to the club. The Recommended Rotary Club Bylaws allow seven days  for club members to consider and file objections, if any.

• If no objections are received, the proposed member pays the admission fee and becomes a Rotarian.

• The club secretary or president immediately reports the new member to Rotary International via Member Access at www.rotary.org.

For information on membership qualifications, see the Manual of Procedure (035-EN), RI Constitution Article 5, RI Bylaws Article 4, and Standard Rotary Club Constitution Articles 7 and 8. All are available at www.rotary.org.