We assign two people on the desk, “Door Duty” at the front door for each meeting and two persons as "Setup Greeter"

The two people on the desk will man the door as assigned by the Club Administration Director. When and where your name appear -- You're On!

The responsibilities of the door people are to collect the luncheon fee; sell the raffle ticket, register club members' attendance and make-ups on the sheet provided. Shortly after the commencement of the meeting at 12:15, monies are counted and balanced and a head count is taken and correlated with the head count taken by the Woodvale Golf Club. Follow the instructions on the "Club Reconciliation Sheet". Hand the reconciliation sheet, money, coupons and cheques to the Club Treasurer, Graham Gilchrist or his designate. Give the attendance sheet to Eric Solash or his designate.
Ideally, the door people should arrive somewhat before 11:30 to get the front desk ready.

Special notice to all 'Setup & Greeter' teams:
Please be sure to return everything to the cabinet after the meeting and leave the cabinet in the room.

The "Greeter and Setup" Persons should also arrive before 11:30 and the responsibility is to arrange the flag and banner around the podium (Canadian flag ALWAYS to the left of the podium as you face it). Leave bell and gavel on the podium.
Affix the "Greeter" badge to an appropriate portion of your body, put on a smile, shake hands and greet everybody who walks through the door. Repeat entrants not applicable. At the conclusion of the meeting, do everything in reverse and leave the cabinet in the room.

You are reminded of your assignments along with other registration or volunteer commitments at the bottom of the e-Strathconian, and you can always open My Commitments in the My ClubRunner box on the Admin page after login.
If you realize a conflict, it is YOUR responsibility to arrange a trade with someone else.
Reminder -- the Sergeant-at-Arms take a dim view on absence from your assignment without alternate arrangements, and ignorance of the rules are not likely to let you off his list of weekly contributors to Operation Eyesight.