Posted on Feb 14, 2020
Dear Donna,
“Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for helping us.”
– Rona from the Philippines, who received a ShelterKit and other aid items after Tropical Storm Urduja caused flash flooding that washed away her home.
I am so grateful to welcome you into the ShelterBox family! It is because of you that families all over the world, devastated by disaster and conflict, will receive shelter and aid when they need it most.
Your generous donation provides vulnerable families in the most remote communities with the shelter and the tools they need to rebuild their lives and homes. It is heartbreaking to see families robbed of their homes by conflict and natural disaster, but it is so wonderful to see people like you taking action to give families a safe place to sleep again – a place to call home.
Your compassion drives us, and without you, none of this would be possible.
Thank you for your generous donation – together we will strive to create a world where no family is left without shelter after disaster.
Stephanie Christensen
Executive Director, ShelterBox Canada
P.S. If you have any questions about ShelterBox Canada or your donation please reach out to me any time. You can respond to this email or call 647-352-1930
Whether provided a Family Tent or a ShelterKit, families will receive the emergency shelter and essential aid items they need to self-recover.
ShelterBoxes contain a family-sized tent and items like cooking sets, solar lights, and blankets that enable families to transform a shelter into a home.
ShelterKits contain heavy duty tarps, tools, and building materials that families need to start repairing and rebuilding their home. Families will also receive a smaller ShelterBox that contains the essential aid items that help to restore a sense of normalcy to their lives.