Posted by Vi Hughes on Feb 13, 2020
This past week we had a visit from Myrna Fundt, the Youth Exchange Co-ordinator for our district. She gave us an update on some minor changes they are making to the application and training processes for students, counsellors and host families. Rotary International has some very strict rules in place surrounding the student exchange experience that are there to ensure our students have a safe and enjoyable experience. In order to be able to prove that we are doing our part we need to have documentary proof. We have had an online database in place to document all of this for several years now, but it has not always been used and this leaves gaps in our system.
Going forwards, all applications from prospective students must be made in the online database. Paper will no longer be accepted.  Counsellors and host families will also be required to use this database to both register and record their required training and the results from that training. Required courses must be taken, completed and the final quiz must be passed. We need to ensure that we meet all of Rotary International’s requirements in order to ensure we can provide our students with the best experience possible. We would expect no less from our international hosts, so we should expect the same from ourselves.