Posted by Maggi Hegan on Nov 19, 2019
Today our Foundation Month moment is dedicated to the Paul Harris Society. This Society recognizes Rotary members and friends of the Rotary Foundation who contribute $1000 or more (US) each Rotary year to the annual program fund, the PolioPlus fund or the other humanitarian grant programs of the Rotary Foundation.
Paul Harris is the founder of Rotary. In 1905 he worked as an attorney in Chicago. His vision of fellowship and service led to him persuading other local businessmen to meet and discuss forming a club for commercial trade, community and fellowship. On February 23, 1905, they held what would later become known as the first Rotary Club meeting.
The Paul Harris Society was formed and administered by the districts until July 2013 when it became an official Rotary Foundation recognition program.
The purpose of the Paul Harris Society is to identify, engage, thank and recognize members who have the ability and desire to make substantial gifts to help communities around the world.
Rotarians who contribute $1,000 US (or in whose name $1,000 US is contributed) are recognized as Paul Harris Fellows. A Paul Harris fellow receives a special certificate and a gold pin.  Paul Harris Fellows continue to receive recognition for each additional $1000 US they contribute.
We currently have 40 Paul Harris Fellows in our club! 
Next week I will talk about Foundation recognition points that are awarded to contributing donors at a rate of 1 point for every US dollar contributed.