Dear Godparents, Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona.


Hello, I hope you are very well, and thank you very much for continuing to support me in my studies, I thank you very much with all my heart and I will not let you down, I am really looking forward to my studies so that you feel lucky of me and do not regret Of having supported me.

In this month I had a great time, they have already left me homework, I already entered the school again and beginning the first week they left me homework, but for my part it is fine to be able to understand new topics that we will see , they are still the same teachers, I already know them all and also how is their way of teaching, but more than anything I have to feel like it because it is the last semester, about to end this stage.


I feel very happy but at the same time very nervous because we have to see the races which one we like the most, it catches our attention, I really feel very stressed about all this we have to do, apart from all the tasks that leave us and projects, but I know that I can get ahead, I know that all I am achieving is for all the effort and dedication to my studies and because I want a nice future and be a graduate, work on something that I like, but All this is worth it, so I have more courage to move on and it doesn't matter if I reveal myself, stress, cry. But I know that everything I am doing will be worth it.

These days are the Professional Days, which we have the opportunity to attend the careers that interest us and give information about the one that catches our attention or that we like. I already attended one of them, I went to the Special Education Bachelor's degree, I thought it was very good and I liked how they drive there, how is their work plan and also how to work with disabled people, it was a type of talk about That race, I really liked that race, but I'm still going to attend other races so that I can decide which one to go to.
In the holidays I had a great time, since it was many days, rather two months, it was a very long break, but we are already back in school, but time goes by quickly and in less than I imagine it will come day in which I will leave the bachi and some time later enter the race that I chose.
On the Day of Love and Friendship I went out with friends and friends, we went to the pools, I had a great time because we were all and more because it was on that date, we went to celebrate the friendship we have and will continue forever.
My family is very well thanks to God, my parents are super good and I like the three of us together, there we are all healthy.
In my work I am doing very well, I am still working there where I am, I have not really been angry, I like my work, although many things have already changed, but in the same way I get along very well with the staff there from work.
I was very happy to tell you about what is happening and what I have lived, since only this can I tell you and especially something so extensive.
Good that God takes care of me very much, see you until next time and with more new things, Until next time!
Greets you, Karla Sarahí.