Posted by Karla Sarahi on Aug 28, 2019
Dear Godparents, Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona.
Hello, I hope you are very well, and thank you very much for continuing to support me in my studies, I thank you very much with all my heart and I will not let you down, I am really looking forward to my studies so that you feel fortunate and do not regret having supported me.
In this month I had a great time, they have already left me homework, I already entered the school again and starting the first week they left me homework, but for my part it is fine to be able to understand new topics that we will see , but in school I am doing very well until today. This semester does not look as difficult as I thought, but on the contrary, a little easier, because several of the teachers who give us I already know them and I know how it is their way of teaching and how to evaluate, but I know I have to really want it because it is my last year in the Baccalaureate, and I feel very excited because I am advancing a lot in my studies and I never imagined going as far as I am doing today, time passes quickly and little by little we are seeing How our life progresses.
In the same way I feel very good because most of my classmates are still studying and that is what makes me more happy, because they are noticed that they still want to continue studying, and they went on to those who I thought would not be able to pass, but what I see they really wanted to continue being with us this last year that we have left in the Baccalaureate.
We are already starting with new projects, work and activities in teams, and there is nothing left but to join teams to collaborate on our projects, what I like most is that we have our project underway, the theme "dressing a friend" We are already donating clothes and raising funds to compare new clothes that we need, we will put a bazaar and what we sell we will buy more new clothes, to continue with our project.
On vacation I had a good time, since on frequent days I went for a walk with my family, I went to the pools, the river, the Villa Ranch and many more sides, but I had a good time because I went out with my whole family and we lived together, or sometimes I spent it at home doing the homework or sometimes I went to visit my aunts, to talk for a while about how their day was or how they have been, I like to visit them because I have a good time, and we laugh at everything that happens or about something that comes up during the talk. I also went out with my cousins and we were doing pyjamas and we were having a good time, now I can't go out with my cousins because I already entered school and they leave me a lot of homework, just like I can't go talk to my aunts for the same thing, I'm just going to visit them when I am unoccupied.
My family is very well thanks to God, there we are all healthy, in my work I am doing very well, only that in the holidays I was not going to work because on those dates they are not holidays only I went on weekends, I continue working where I have talked to them, wanting it, because sometimes I need things and because the truth costs, I am almost going to celebrate the year of working in that place and maybe much more time.
I was very happy to tell you about what is happening and what I have lived since only this I can tell you and especially something so extensive. And just as it was on my first day of school.
 Good that God takes care of me very much, see you until next time, and now with more new things, Until next time!