Posted by Vi Hughes on Jan 31, 2024
Our First Bulletin, Jun 1974
One of the requirements of Rotary International was for clubs to have good printed matter- notices, minutes of meetings and newsletters and a practice of preserving these.
All types of newsletters were published by our club since it’s inception in 1974. From simple typed, hand formatted single page mimeographed letters and later photocopied multipage newsletters which were snail mailed to each member, to present day sophisticated electronically formatted bulletins that are e-mailed to each member.
Our editors and publishers are the heroes of these publications. They gathered information (club news, new member write ups, speaker write ups, jokes, logos, pictures), typed it up, did the page layouts (what would we have done without scotch tape!), had it copied, folded, stapled, stuffed into envelopes, addressed, licked stamps and put it in the mailbox for delivery. All of this was no small task, especially prior to e-mail.
Our first newsletter was titled The Tele-Rotary. The name then transitioned to The Rota-Teller and finally the Strathconian, which became the e-Strathconian in 2007. Hans Granholm has been instrumental in seeing that nearly every newsletter got distributed to our members, was instrumental in our shift to electronic formatting and mailing and still has a hand in as the administrator of our ClubRunner website.
Some of the editors over the years were Neil Weir (our first editor), John Barnes, Hans Granholm, Jim Ashton, Len Gierach, Peter deNooy, Ken Germain and since 2016, Vi Hughes. Many other people contributed over the years as well.
We definitely owe a big debt of thanks to all of the dedicated people who made our newsletter possible over the years.