Dear Members of the Rotary Clubs of Strathcona, Mayfield, Urban Spirits, Whyte Avenue, Grand Prairie and Hinton
We hope everything in going well in Canada. Here we are doing well with our family and Amarok Friends. The children of our neighborhood are also doing very well. This is rainy season in Bangladesh and flooding is a common problem for our communities. This year rain falls heavily throughout the month and when it rains another disaster comes to our life, dirty water blocks on the road for days. Toilet lids submerged and dirty things mix up with water surrounded by our houses, pathways and all around. It became difficult for us to keep open our school as dirty water overflows and enters into our living rooms & schoolroom. Children like to play in water and often get sick. Our daily life become painful but this is our life and we have to survive in such situation. Rain has another positive effect to our lives, farmers in the village plant paddy, vegetables and jute in their field and rain water brings fortunes for them. However, a continuous rainfall creates flooding and washes out all their crops and put them into debt to maintain their livelihood. In our school we often argue about the effect of rain in our life and it’s hard to come to a conclusion with this debate!
Now other news of our school, our friend Shorifa has given birth a baby who is boy. We shared about her in our last latter. She had lots of struggles during the pregnancy during the covid situation but now she is happy with her baby. She was on maternity leave for a few months, now she has started to join and teaching children in her little school. Mothers of our school visited her house to know about her health, to make her happy during her absence in school but we visited mostly individually, fewer cases in smaller groups to ensure the social distancing. Sofia lives in a tiny room; we know going together in a large group during covid with be a violation of health rule.
Another mother of our school Jhinuk is doing very well in learning. When we do group work, she sits with the weaker mothers who need support in English. Jhinuk is very good in English and we are proud of her. In these days we are practicing about 6 seasons. You know there are 6 seasons in our country and each season has its own characteristics. Madam divides us into 6 groups and tells each team to talk about the season in English or do role play to express the character of the season. It takes few days to complete the session. I belong a member of spring team. We acted about that season and other enjoyed it and understood the characteristics of the season nicely. In such way, we all talked and acted on six seasons. This is an interesting method of learning and our teacher follows such many techniques to teach us. Most importantly we learn teaching methods from our school and follow when we teach children in our micro-schools.     
Ranu our friend is also doing very well. For last few months the financial condition of her family was not going well because her husband lost his job as an effect of covid lockdown and now does irregular odd jobs. So, it became difficult for her husband to run the family all alone. Ranu shared with us and asked for support. One of our friends in school Rokeya connected her with a private clinic and Ranu has found a part-time job in that hospital as an assistant. Her job there is to carry doctors’ file from the patients to the doctors’ cabin, office and again placed the files to the patients’ bed. She could not do the job if she were not educated and good in English. The money that she earns from the work now is the main source of income of their family. She is very much thankful to Rokeya and to Amarok School. In the evening Ranu teaches children in her micro-school and becomes more euthanistic in learning English.  
The Performances of Sheuli’s neighborhood school is very good. Children are attentive and keen to learn. Sometimes her son helps her teaching the children as he has developed and reached to the upper grade. In her little school, Rubel is a brilliant boy. He achieves first passion in his class in school. Rubel teaches her little brother and a cousin in the evening time at home. Rubel’s father is a hawker and sells vegetables going door to door. He helps his father to keep accounts of daily selling & income. His father is proud of Rubel and wants to take him to the upper level of education.
Monoara’s granddaughter Shamia likes to read story books. So, she takes books from the school library. There are different types of books, she takes books on fish, fruits, and flowers and storybooks for sharing with some of her little friends in the community. Sometimes they also come with her and ask for books to take home. Our school-library has created a learning environment and developing reading habit of some children and elderly people of the slums around. Children are very happy to read new books as they enjoy reading and could learn about new things.
We feel filled with love for others. Thank you for coming into our lives from the Canada to help us to improve our world so much here.
Yours Lovingly
Monuara, Sheuli, Ranu, Rubi and Shorifa
(Mothers of Combined Rotary School)