Have you been looking to get involved more in Rotary activities? Aren't sure who to talk to or where to turn? Below is a list of different opportunities for Rotarians and their contact person! 
- Moment of Inspiration, Joan Vincent,  jsvincent@me.com
- Greeters, Melissa Stricherz,  Melissa.Stricherz@scouting.org
- Share Your Story, Dan Steil, dans@granitecommunitybank.com
- Junior Rotarians, Tammy Biery, Tammy.Biery@sbetc.org
- Rotary Foundation Fundraising Chair, Jackie Johnson, Jackie@BigDefenders.org
- Warm Heads, Hands & Hearts, Erik Boeltz, erik@eichmotor.com
- Weekly Program, Dave Bentrud, dave david.bentrud@ci.waiteparkpd.mn.us
- Membership, Tyler Walz, tyler@jacobs-financial.com
- Summertime by George! Board of Governors, Jill Magelssen, jill.magelssen@expresspros.com