This week we are excited to welcome back, Cassie Miles, Exec, Director Great River Children's Museum! 
Cassie is the executive director of the emerging Great River Children’s Museum in downtown St. Cloud. She and her team are working to build a space that will serve all of Central Minnesota’s kids and families by providing access to quality play experiences that spark children’s learning, strengthen families and build community connections! Cassie graduated from the Carlson School of Management with a B.S. in finance and a B.S. in entrepreneurial management. She went on to start her career as an interest rate risk analyst at Corus Bank in Chicago, Ill., and continued her career path by working with various investment companies, ultimately landing at a hedge fund based in NYC. Upon moving back to Minnesota, Cassie joined the Finance Committee and Board of GREAT Theatre and is in her 8th year as Board Chair. She credits GREAT Theatre and the community building spirit of that organization as the inspiration behind her shift from the private sector to the nonprofit sector (and states that the ROI in her new role is significantly higher than it was previously!) Cassie wishes to empower others and believes personal fulfillment comes from bettering the community and generating opportunities for future generations. In addition to her work, Cassie is always up for a good challenge, a chance to learn something new, taking in a play or musical performance, enjoying a glass of wine or beer with friends, and creating memories with her son and husband.
Welcome Cassie! We are thrilled to hear from you! 
Please Note: This meeting will be on-site at the Great River Children's Museum- Box lunch will be provided. (Zoom will be available to those unable to attend.)