Special Veterans Day Theme
Nov 13, 2018 12:00 PM
Veterans Day Program
Special Veterans Day Theme
  • Important update on Nov. 13 Rotary meeting’s program

Club Member and Veteran Jerry Hirschfeld has assembled a special Veterans Day theme program for the club’s Nov. 13 meeting.

The program committee appreciates Jerry’s work putting together this special event.

Jerry has asked me to pass along some information about the event.

Registration will be in the hallway outside the ballroom.

Meals will be served at the table by the hotel staff.

One of our special guests will be a retired two-star general who will be our featured speaker.

Important: We want to reserve tables in the front of the room for club members who are veterans.

If you are a veteran, please send me an email so we can get a count on the number of seats we need to reserve.



John Bodette

Program committee chair