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The Rotary Club of Exploits "uncorked the spirit of giving" during our Annual Something to Wine About event.  To date our Rotary Club is proud to have given over $150,000++ to community organizations and over $20,000 to international projects during the past 9 years.  Now in the 2021-2022 Rotary Year we have continued the spirit of giving again!
Thanks to the business community and local citizens who support our events each year in both Grand Falls-Windsor and the surrounding Central, NL region and beyond!! 
Organizations and groups apply for funding through our community funding application!!  Applications are received year round and reviewed quarterly. To learn more visit Community Funding
We are proud to Be the Good in the World and continue to be #PeopleofAction supporting the Exploits region for over 50 years!
Woodland Primary School (Outdoor Classroom / Shade Structure)
Recipient of $7500.00 (2021) ($3000 from Rotary International District 7820 District Grant)
Picture: Mrs. Grouchy's Kindergarden Class 2021-2022
Woodland Primary school community in collaboration with School Council continues to
work towards a safe, age-appropriate, green, play space for our young students. 
This Shade Structure provides teachers with the opportunity to teach outdoor classes for the entire school year. The structure is installed in a large, grassy, fenced area. Our vision is to create a play space in this area with safe play equipment, green areas to plant flowers and vegetables and an area to explore nature for our children. Given the strength of the sun on our earth today, we are continuously educating our young children on sun safety. We promote sun safety tips such as sunscreen use, hats, proper clothing and shade. The
installation of this Shade Structure provides more opportunities to play and learn in our
outdoor classroom for longer periods during our school day. As solely a primary school, this outdoor Shade Structure encourages children to play, explore, and develop very important social and emotional learning skills that we want to nurture in our youngest learners.
Status of Women Central (Covid-19 Relief Support)
Recipient of $2000.00 + $1000 of in-kind (2020)
($1000 from Rotary International District 7820 Matching Grant)
Dear Rotary Friends,
As you are aware Status of Women Central is an equality-seeking feminist organization. We seek to empower all women and enrich communities through advocacy, inclusion, education and partnerships.” We are delighted and very grateful for the generous donation from the Rotary Club of Exploits and Rotary
District 7820.

We are all aware that the restrictions with COVID-19 have caused much confusion and many hardships for our vulnerable population. Food security is a fact of life for many women and their families even at “normal” times. As we work with our many partners to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients during this volatile time, we have inquired as to the shortages and items besides food, that they find a challenge as they look after their families. Your generosity will enable us to purchase items such as:
Ensure or Boost as we have cancer survivors and people with a myriad of medical issues, laundry detergents and fabric softeners, diapers and formula, paper towels, toilet paper,
cleaning supplies of all kinds (toilet cleaners, dish detergent, cleaners for floors and countertops etc.). 
As we strive to ensure the safety, health and happiness of our friends, we are always grateful for extra assistance.
Jackie Thompson, Executive Director and The Board of Directors of Status of Women Central
Grand Falls-Windsor, Bishop's Falls Community Food Bank (Covid-19 Relief Support)
Recipient of $2000.00 (2020)
($1000.00 from Rotary International District 7820 Matching Grant)
The Grand Falls-Windsor, Bishop's Falls Community Food Bank supports hundreds of individuals and families in need year-round.  When Covid-19 impacted our area their need grew rapidly.  Our members were all too eager to assist with a monetary donation in March 2020 and in December of 2020 we joined forces with the Grand Falls-Windsor Lions Club and packed over 400 hampers to go out to citizens in need during the holiday season.
Grand Falls-Windsor Pride Inc.
Recipient of $500.00 (2019)
Grand Falls-Windsor Price Inc.  (GFW Pride) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization incorporated under the Registry of Companies of Newfoundland and Labrador to provide an opportunity for the 2SLGBTQ+ community and their allies to celebrate and advocate for the culture, heritage, diversity and rights of 2SLGBTQ+ people.  Grand Falls-Windsor Pride Inc.'s purpose is to provide advocacy through education and visibility at events and to coordinate and execute an annual Pride Festival and occasionally other year-round events to celebrate and encourage equality for the members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community in and around Grand Falls-Windsor.  In 2019 GFW Pride held its 2nd Annual Pride Week with activities for all ages; Flag Raising Ceremony followed by a Walk, Community Pride Day and Marketplace showcasing local vendors, Free Pride related community movie, Storytime and craft for toddler and young children and a Coffee and Conversation Evening with information on 2SLGBTQ+ resources.  To learn more about Grand Falls-Windsor Pride visit them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or email 
Meals on Wheels Grand Falls-Windsor
Recipient of $ 8995.00 (2018-2019)
Meals on Wheels began their project in Grand Falls-Windsor in 2016. Now it is hitting the road full-time!  The plan to is deliver hot meals to 30 seniors in need.
Receiving a healthy, nutritious diet is something that's becoming more challenging with the area's ageing population.  Meals on Wheels partnered with the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor and Central Health to launch the first pilot project more than a year ago, which has been a success.  It's not just the food that makes the program valuable.  The social aspect of Meals on Wheels service is just as important as getting a hot meal.  Some of the clients are unable to leave their homes, the delivery of the meals by a volunteer is a huge part of their social contact.  The funds donated by the Rotary Club of Exploits will go toward the purchase and delivery of hot meals to seniors in the community. To learn more about Meals on Wheels please visit their Facebook Page Meals on Wheels GFW

Special Olympics Newfoundland and Labrador (SONL)
Recipient of $ 5000.00 (2018-2019)
For the first time in NL's history, the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor hosted the SONL Winter Games, 2019.  These games will see Special Olympics athletes from all over the province attend to compete in 7 sports, challenging and pushing themselves and each other to rise above all challenges and overcome them by gaining personal bests, medals and a chance for a spot on the provincial team (Team NL) which will be heading to Thunder Bay, ON in 2020 for the Special Olympics Canada Winter Games which will see thousands of athletes from across Canada compete for a chance to make Team Canada and head to the Special Olympics World Winter Games.
During these Winter Games, for the first time in Special Olympics NL's history, we will also be offering a Healthy Athletes Program.  This program will offer free health screenings to all the athletes who attend the games across three(3) disciplines, FUNfitness, Strong Minds and Health Promotion. These screenings will be led by specially trained Clinical Directors, who are not only certified in their respected healthy professions but who have also received specific training to work with individuals who have an intellectual disability.  The funds donated to Special Olympics NL will go toward creating a positive and competitive Games experience for all Special Olympics athletes and volunteer coaches alike. To learn more about Special Olympics NL please visit or on our socials @SpecialONL
Sprucewood Academy (Maker Zone of Learning)
Recipient of $5000.00 (2018-2019)
In the fall of 2016, NL English School District made a recommendation that saw the amalgamation of two elementary schools in GFW to become one.  As a result of this, Sprucewood Academy became a 4-6 elementary school for the town and to date house a student population of almost 470 students.  As with any school, the physical plant-incorporated various resources facilities but one particular area that needed some attending was the library.  The $5000.00 contribution from the Rotary Club of Exploits will go toward implementing a Maker Zone of Learning.  The utilization of this new space in our school will define a place where students can gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials.  It is the school's goal that through this space, they will present the students with readily-available materials that can act as a provocation for inquiry, as well as modern technology and items to invent with.  Within the context of 21st-century learning, the school wanted to move beyond consumption to creation with a core focus on student-centred inquiry.  In a nutshell, the school want
s to define this new area by what it enables: making!
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) - Exploits Valley
Recipient of $2000.00 (2018-2019)
Mothers Against Drink Driving (MADD Canada) is a charitable organization that was founded in 1989 with a mission "to stop impaired driving and to support victims of this violent crime."  Their efforts are focused on five key areas: Victim Services; Youth Services; Public Policy; Public Awareness and Education; and the Advancement of Anti-Impaired Driving Technology.  Today, MADD Canada has over 100 volunteer-run chapters and Community Leaders across Canada with more than 7,500 volunteers who work tirelessly to forward MADD Canada's mission at the community level.  The $2000.00 contribution from the Rotary Club of Exploits will cover the full cost of implementing two (2) 2018 School Assembly Programs in local schools.  This program nationally reaches one million youth in grades 7 through 12 each year. 
Exploits Search and Rescue (ESAR)
Recipient of $5000.00 (2017-18)
Exploits Search and Rescue have partnered with the Bishop's Falls Lions Club to have a Mobile Command Center.  This Mobile Command Center will service residents and communities from Harbour Breton and Bay D'Espoir in the south to Notre Dame Bay and Gander Bay in the north, from Badger Lake in the west to Appleton in the East.  To put this into perspective, this is an area somewhat larger than Cape Breton Island and almost twice the size of the Province of Prince Edward Island.  The team averages 12-20 incidents per year.  With the $5000.00 contribution from the Rotary Club of Exploits ESAR are able to purchase much-needed equipment to assist the highly-trained volunteer emergency response unit.  We are proud to be a part of this amazing ongoing project.  To learn more about Exploits Search and Rescue please visit 
Harbour Breton Volunteer Fire Department
Recipient of $5000.00 (2017-18) 
Harbour Breton Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1969 and serves the Town of Harbour Breton.  The department is comprised of thirty members under the command of Fire Chief Anthony Casey.  They fundraise %50 of their budget by hosting an annual telethon, firefighters ball, ticket draws and other community events.  All firefighters are required to wear Bunker Gear, this gear is what protects the volunteers from the intense heat/flame/smoke that come with their role as Fire Fighters.  Currently, the department's Bunker Gear is 20 years old and needs to be replaced.  Our clubs' contribution of $5000.00 will be used to assist in purchasing new Bunker suits for the heroes that risk their lives volunteer to help protect each and every one of us.  We are humbled to be part of this great project! To learn more about the Harbour Breton Volunteer Fire Department please visit
Exploits Valley Intermediate School  (Music Program)
Recipient of $2400.00 (2017-18)
The music education program at EVI is open to a population of approximately 450 students, from grades 7-9.  They are provided with the opportunity to participate in Concert Band, Jazz Band, and choir before and after school hours.  EVI recognizes the uniqueness of the individual and is committed to the development of the whole student as a lifelong learner by providing a safe, caring, respectful, and challenging learning environment.  Grand Falls-Windsor is known for its musicality.  It has a long, strong history of music programming and education that goes back to the inception of the town.  The musical youth of EVI is becoming an integral part of maintaining that achievement.  The $2400.00 given by our Rotary Club will go toward the purchase of new musical instruments to ensure the music continues to blossom through the youth of our community for years to come! To learn more about EVI please visit
Youth 2000 Centre (CYN)
Recipient of $2400.00 (2017-18)
The Youth 2000 Centre has been an active community youth centre for the past decade.  Through an extensive partnership with the local YMCA, their aim is to provide youth with many diverse programs which in return gives them positive attitudes, a sense of direction, and many opportunities for keeping active.  One of the many programs offered is the annual BackPack Program, in 2015 and 2016 over 300 students were assisted and the need is growing.  The $2400.00 given by the Rotary Club of Exploits will go toward purchasing much-needed supplies and backpacks to ensure this much-needed program continues forward.  To learn more visit
Special Olympics Newfoundland & Labrador, Exploits Hurricanes
Recipient of $2152.00  (2017-18)
Special Olympics Newfoundland and Labrador (SONL) is composed of passionate, committed individuals from every walk of life, who recognize the value and unique gifts of people with intellectual disabilities.  And, who together, share the common belief of dignity, equality and opportunity for all people.  Exploits Hurricanes is one of 15 clubs across NL that offer sporting programs to individuals with intellectual disabilities year-round!  The $2152.00 given by our Rotary Club will fund equipment needed for the local club to start up a new sporting program Rhythmic Gymnastics!  To learn more about Special Olympics NL please visit 
Grand Falls-Windsor Fire Department (GFWFD)
Recipient of $2000.00 (2017-18)
The Grand Falls-Windsor Fire Department provides advanced firefighter training to not only local volunteer firefighters but also to outlining areas.  The $2000.00 granted by our Rotary Club will be used to assist in the cost of delivering advanced training to a number of volunteer firefighters specifically for fire attach and rescue, this training will be delivered by Fire Training Associates of New Brunswick and is of great value to volunteer firefighters.  To learn more visit
Grand Falls-Windsor, Bishop's Falls Community Food Bank (GFWBF)
Recipient of $500.00 (2017-2018)
The GFWBF Food Banks' mission is to distribute nutritious food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid "hunger".  Our club is proud to annual support the GFWBF Food Bank with monetary and food donations.  This year we are giving $500.00 in monetary donations and also have committed to a number of volunteer hours at the food bank.  To learn more about the GFWBF Community Food Bank please visit their page on Facebook.
Lionel Kelland Hospice (LKH)
Recipient of $50,000.00 (2015-2016)
Recipient of $25,000.00 (2019-2020)
The Rotary Club of Exploits was the first community partner of the Lionel Kelland Hospice, aiding them through the process of becoming a registered charity offering support during that period in many forms.  Today we continue to support this project and will continue well into the future.

In 2014, a group of health care professionals in the Central Region began exploring options to address the gap that exists in the health care continuum for end-of-life care. Through research and support from the Canadian Palliative Care Association, the group identified the most viable option as a 10-bed residential hospice. A residential hospice is a home away from home for palliative patients who no longer need to remain in hospital, but for various reasons are unable to be cared for at home.

The concept to develop a community-based residential hospice was well-received with early support coming in the form of $100,000 from community donations. In 2016, the Presentation Sisters donated St. Catherine’s Renewal Centre in Grand Falls-Windsor to be used as a residential hospice. The Centre is now being re-developed to accommodate a 10-bed hospice focusing on comfort, care, and dignity for dying patients and providing support for their loved ones.

The goal of hospice palliative care is to provide comfort and dignity for the person living and dying from an illness as well as the best quality of life for both this person and his or her family. Lionel Kelland Hospice will serve palliative patients and their families through the provision of:

  • Ten private resident suites;
  • Medical care delivered by health care professionals with 24/7 admissions;
  • Advanced pain and symptom management;
  • Highest care standards aligned with national best practices;
  • Comprehensive family support which includes education, anticipatory grief, bereavement support, and spiritual care;
  • A comfortable, home-like environment with space for families;
  • Programs and services are provided at no cost to families.
In addition to providing family-centred end-of-life palliative care and social support, the Hospice will serve as a provincial resource in the education of students of medicine and nursing and others wishing to advance their knowledge of care for the dying.

Approximately 120 families will utilize the Hospice annually. They will have the medical care they require and the privacy to say goodbye. The stress and exhaustion so common among caregivers are lessened, along with the financial burden of caring for someone in their final days.

Dignity by Design

Lionel Kelland Hospice will be the first community based residential hospice in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador with the mandate to provide people with life limited illnesses and their families the option of dying in a homelike environment outside of the hospital with all the programs and services required to ensure comfort and preserve dignity.

For more information please visit