Rotary Club of South Bend

Stories for Sergeant-at-Arms?

Have you seen or read about one of our Rotarians in the News? Now's your chance to "Rat on a Rotarian" or "Fine a Friend" while raising money for the South Bend Rotary Charitable Foundation! Report news story, source, and name of the Rotarian to any of our four Sergeants-at-Arms and they will make the most of it. Please email, Colleen Kielton, Matt Schrock, Steve Keilman, or Mikki Shidler.
If this link does not work for you, your email system may not be compatible. In that case, you can send an email to each of the Sergeants-at-Arms by going to the Directors section on our Club web site and clicking on their names (one at a time, unfortunately - please send the news to all). This will bring up a communications form in which you can add the info and send it through ClubRunner, our web software service.