Rotary Club of South Bend


Posted by Nate Levin-Aspenson on Sep 20, 2018
This week we heard from Steve Nieman about the Senior PGA Tour 2019, coming to Notre Dame June of next year. Steve was very excited to tell us about all the ways that we can get involved in the event, from hospitality opportunities, to volunteer opportunities, to (of course) tickets. Interestingly, this event is expected to use 25,000 volunteers. Volunteering is not without its perks, including a uniform package by Under Armor and access to the grounds even on days you are not working.
There are of course opportunities to enjoy an extra bit of luxury for an additional charge. Steve showed us a number of private hospitality suites and boxes available to rent for business or family gatherings, as well as ‘Club Irish,’ an air-conditioned tent with tables and a full bar, open to anyone willing to part with one Benjamin Franklin on a hot summer day.
The tournament is also expected to bring in over $7 million in economic activity and spending, as well as thousands of rooms booked and cars rented, providing a welcome economic boost to our local area.  Thank you to Rotarian Jacqueline Rico for introducing Steve.