Rotary Club of South Bend


Fellow Rotarian Heather Goralski introduced Henriette Nyirarukundo Ngenga who  Is a survivor of horrific atrocities against the Tutsi in Rwanda which began in April 1994, but also a walking miracle and author of Carrying Divine.  In May of 2011 she met Kristin Ponce Baker at Granger Community Church who has partnered to write and publish the book.  2014 marked the 20th anniversary of terror of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda.  One million lives were lost in 100 days.  Henriette’s friends, family, neighbors- were slaughtered.  Henriette’s story opens eyes to those of us who are blessed to live in this free land. Her deeply rooted joy, faith, and gratitude exude to anyone who takes the time to get to know her, and is a contagious gift to anyone who hears her story.
Henriette is now living in South Bend and with her husband and two of her eight children.  She is employed at Notre Dame; and is committed to keeping her promise that if she and her family survived she would tell the world of God’s saving power.  Henriette is hoping that this book will inspire fellow Rwandan’s to return to God and believe.  The title Carrying Divine was inspired by Henrietta’s giving birth to a healthy daughter after surviving the ordeal and named Divine in honor of God’s protection