Rotary Club of South Bend


Elizabeth Dunn introduced Daryl Heller, Director of IUSB’s Civil Rights Heritage Center Building.  Dr. Heller gave a brief history of South Bend's Natatorium and the role it played in racial segregation and the reason why it is an appropriate facility for the Civil Rights Heritage Center [CHRH].  IIUSB took an interest in the “Nat” as a site for its study of Civil Rights movement in Michiana.  It is a multi faceted which serves as an extension of the IUSB campus for classes in history, literature, art, music and social justice.  It also serves as a museum emphasizing the African Americans, Latin Community, and the LGBTQ Community in Michiana.  It is venue for meeting spaces and for free public events.  Included in the public events are opportunities for education in order to understand the world, culture to provide new ways of seeing the world and encourages activism to engage the world. Current topics and issues concern the Hate Crime Legislation, the Educational need of South Bend and the relationship of the Community and law enforcement. Through both its campus component and its extension component, the CRHC is committed to Scholarship in Action and unique to an academic center.