This year should be one of the best in recent history for BlueBonnets and wildflowers. The Wet Fall and Winter will be ideal for a bumper crop of wildflowers in Washington County. The Head for the Hills Bike Ride Will be right in the middle of the BlueBonnet season, and the ride takes riders through beautiful pastorial settings in Washington County. This is a must ride if you are getting in shape for any of the upcoming rides through central Texas, because we have the most challenging hills of any ride this close to Houston.
This ride is also a fundraser for the Rotary Club of Washington County. Money raised is 100% used for chairtable causes in and around Washington County. The ride is well supported with rest stops, porta-potties, SAG vehicles, and law enforcement. The H4H ride is one of the best rides in Texas. If you have ridden the ride before, we hope you can ride again this year, and if you have not ridden it, We would encourage you to come out and enjoy a great ride, for a good cause.
The link for registration is: HEAD FOR THE HILLS BIKE RIDE.