The School of the Dump in Chinandega, Nicaragua is supported by Rotarians. Jim Kite of the Brenham Rotary Club heads up the Hope and Relief International Foundation; a nonprofit organization formed to assist in building and maintaining schools and housing for the people of Nicaragua. Several villages have been built with the guidance and assistance of Rotarian volunteers. The "School of the Dump" gives children who live around the city dump in Chinandenga a chance by feeding and educating them. Several children who once were scavengers looking for something to eat in the dump are now College graduates or attending college as a direct consequence of the kindness of strangers.


Jim will be taking a group to Nicaragua on  July 31, 2013 and returning 7 days later on August 6, 2013. If you would be interested in going along, Information about the trip including itinerary, and registration forms are available here. This can be a life changing trip, and I would encourage any Rotarian to take it.