You’re in an elevator with a colleague who turns to you and asks, “What’s Rotary?”  With less than a minute to answer, what do you say?
From Anne L. Matthews, Rotary Foundation Trustee, USA: Rotary is the most prestigious nonpolitical, nonsectarian service organization in the world.  It’s a little over 100 years old.  Our purpose as Rotarians is to promote peace and understanding through a wide array of educational and humanitarian programs under the auspices of the Rotary Foundation.  The heart and soul of the Foundation is to help people who are less fortunate all over the world.
From Dong  Kurn Lee, Rotary Foundation Trustee, Korea:  Rotary gives you the opportunity to build relationships, but more important, it gives you the opportunity to contribute to society.  Rotary means the chance to help those who are less privileged.  Weekly meetings allow you to meet with friends, to think about others, and to make donations.  Everyone needs this.
From Kalyan  Banerjee, RI President-Elect, India:  Rotary is a volunteer organization with 1.2 million business and professional leaders from around the world who get together in friendship, provide humanitarian service, and work for peace.  They conduct projects to address challenges such as illiteracy, disease, hunger, poverty, lack of clean water, and environmental concerns.  One of the cornerstones of Rotary is our firm belief in maintaining high ethical standards in our business, professional, and personal lives.                                                
                                                                                Excerpt from “The Rotarian” – February 2011 edition