This year the start for our bikeride moved from Chappell Hill to Brenham High School and the WC Fairgrounds. This meant that we had to re-route the ride. Some of the routes were new, but portions of the route were on the same roads as the old routes.The bad weather held off with the exception of a few light sprinkles, but mostly the weather was near-perfect: cloudy cool and light winds. The big new thing for our ride this year was the affiliation with the BPMS150 ride. We got "Recommended Ride" status which meant that we were listed on the BPMS150 website as a Recommended ride. There are over 12,000 riders on the BPMS150 and that means they all had an opportunity to find us through that website. We don't have the final figures, but we had around 1200 riders. Many had never ridden our ride and we heard a lot of positive feedback from riders. Attached are some photos from the ride.