The Galleria River Oaks Rotary Club worked with Mark Illian (President, Nature Healing Nature) and Engineers without Borders (USA) to provide a water project for Payorote, Peru.  This remote village is on the banks of the Amazon River and has about 300 people.  It has an aging population with little-to-no income.  This region receives 200+ inches of rain annually. This large amount of rain made a water harvesting system a main feature of the project.  The Rotary Club Amanecer Loratano of Iquitos, Peru assisted on the project locally. The villagers made a strong commitment to the project and worked hard to make it a reality.
Prior to this water project, the people of Payorote lacked access to clean water for drinking, cooking, hygiene, etc. The lack of clean water caused an increase in the spread of water-borne illness and other diseases common to the area.
The rainwater harvesting system in Payorote is still in good function, receiving regular maintenance from the community in an effort to sustain their reliable source for clean drinking water. The community has reported a decrease in water-borne illnesses and expressed a continued desire for improving their quality of life. Information on sanitation, hygiene and other health issues was also provided to the villagers.  
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