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1936 - The Rotary Club of Pasadena was founded by H. A. Payne and sponsored by the Rotary Club of Houston.
             In 1936 the world was still experiencing the effects of the Great Depression.
             A loaf of bread was $0.08 and a gallon of gas was $0.10.
             A Studebaker car cost $665. 
             The average cost of a new house was $3,925.  
             An average year's wages was $1,713. 

The Rotary Club of Pasadena was officially granted its Charter No. 4041 on November  6, 1936.

The club began with 18 charter members.

*Walter Ankle (Fire Insurance)
*Meyer Blankfield (Cattle Raising)
*Aubrey R. Cruse, Sr. (Retail gas and oil)
*E. H. Graham (Railways)
*Dr. B. C. Hensley (Physician)
*H. A. Jackson (Education Superintendent Schools)
*Dr. O. Harrell Jones (Dentist)
*Leo Karkowsky (Retail dry goods) - Secretary
*W. C. McMasters (Water well contractors)
*C. P. McMurry (Automotive repair)
*W. L. Mitchell (Retail grocer)
*H. A. Paine, Jr. (Real estate) - President
*O. F. Portwood, Jr. (Druggist)
*D. P. Rathbone (Theater)
*Matt F. Reed (Banking) - Treasurer
*Gilbert M. Vick (Life Insurance)
*A. G. Whitman (Retail Lumber)
*M. J. Wright (Retail grain and feed) 

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