It's that time again!  Our Pasadena Rotary Club has partnered with the Pasadena Independent School District to give dictionaries to every third grade student.
In this world of digital print, many have replaced a page turn with a finger swipe.  We believe there's still nothing like holding an actual book in your hands.  Currently, there are over 3,500 third graders in PISD.  When the students receive the books, it belongs to them, but they stay at the school during the year.  Our teachers tell us they routinely use these books while teaching.  It helps them learn the alphabetical order of words, as well as the definitions and use.
It's truly amazing to watch these kids receive their dictionaries and rifle through them enthusiastically.  Of course, since they're student versions, they are filled with fun and interesting facts to keep them entertained.  For many, this will be the only book they own.  I think we have as much fun giving them away as they do receiving them!